I had the pleasure the other night of having Trish McCourt over. Trish is well known around the Internets. You may know her as Ceilidhontherun from the various articles and reviews she has written, or from her work with Mommy Connections.

Here are some of the places you can find her online, check them out:

Trish is not only a talented writer, but is also a photographer, so part of the deal was that she gets to practice on me some day! (We’ll make sure those photos never see the light of day! Save you all from the trauma). Trish on the other hand, does an amazing job infront of the camera, as you’ll see here!
To see a larger version of these images, head on over to my FaceBook Photography page, or my Google+ page.

Trish M_01
Trish M_02
Trish M_03
Trish M_04
Trish M_05